Profit Sharing Funds: $3175.17

With Yubbler, our PTO school supplies fundraiser raised more money than ever before! We plan to put those funds to good use for our Washington students and staff!

Jen Huber, PTO President - Washington Elementary Park Ridge, IL

Profit sharing Funds: $3908.49

This was our first year using Yubbler, and we were late to the game, but the staff was amazing and got us set up and going online in a timely manner. The ability to buy full kits or individual items was perfect for many of our families. Being a K-8 program, families accumulate items year over year, so not having to order all items was a relief. Many of our families loved the online ordering and the 24-hour delivery to their home. The PTSO is thankful for the partnership, and we will be using this service again next year.

Meghan Flavin, PTSO President - Académie Lafayette, Kansas City, MO

Profit Sharing Earned: $1578.12

Our Parent Association was in search of a program that would make life easier for our Middle School parents. We are a JK-12 school and fifth grade (the start to Middle School) marks the first time parents are responsible for providing supplies for their student. The stress level among this group of fifth through eighth grade parents was raising, and with teachers needing very specific items for their classes, our PA stepped in to find a solution. After a crowdsourced effort on Facebook, we decided Yubbler was the best fit for our school based on the quality of products offered, the easy user-experience, the price and the percentage we would earn as a fundraiser. We’ve recently completed this year’s program and are already excited for next year. We surveyed our parents to get feedback and the results were overwhelmingly positive. In addition to solving our first goal of easing life for parents, we made a nice amount of money to put into the Parent Association account to help support our school in other ways this year. We give Yubbler a big high five.

Shane Shaps on behalf of the Parent Association - Kentucky Country Day School, Louisville, KY

Funds raised: $8,590 - Sep 23rd, 2016

WOW Yubbler!!! This is an awesome program!! Thanks too for the extra funds!

Gary Norcross, Assistant Principal - James G. Blaine Elementary, Chicago, IL

Funds raised: $5,939 - Sep. 14th, 2016

These are great numbers! Thanks for letting me know. I've reached out to the administration!

Brad Rothschild, PTA Board Member - Manhattan School for Children, New York, NY

Funds raised: $5,015 - Sep 18th, 2016

That's amazing!!! Thank you so much. I'm sure we'll talk soon but we look forward to working with you throughout the year and next spring.

Erin Volkmar, PTA President - PS 166 Richard Rodgers, Manhattan, NY

Funds raised: $6,995 - Sep 29th, 2016

Wow! This is great. Thanks!

Michele Samarel, PTA President - MS 54, Booker T. Washington, New York, NY



How does it work?

We place your school supply lists online for parents to purchase over the summer. Schools get 50% of the profits. It is that simple. Just register or email us your supply lists at and we will set it up. Here is a sample of what the site would look like. You get a dedicated page for your school for parents to buy supplies.


How much does it cost?

Our program is free to your school. Yubbler negotiates bulk prices with suppliers so that we can pass savings on to your parents. Supply lists (and their cost) are custom for each school and grade. Yubbler shares 50% of the profits with your school.


Are there any contracts or commitments?

No, we don’t require contracts or volume commitments. We provide a great service at a great price that is also socially responsible. Schools have a full plate and we see no need to add to it with contractual obligations or sales volume targets.


How do we place our orders?

Yubbler pre-loads all of your supply lists online at Parents go online to order their supplies with one click of a button - saving time and money for their family and their school.


How do we get the supplies?

The supplies are shipped next day to the parents' homes for free.


How much money can we raise for our school?

Your profits will depend on the size of the order and number of participants. Here is a sample:

  • Number of orders: 500
  • Average cost per order*: $75.00
  • Estimated Revenue for school: $4,500 - $5,000
*Varies by school supply lists

What if our school already has a company that handles our supplies?

You can use us as an alternative buying option. We've found that most parents would rather give money back to the school as opposed to a company.


How does my school get started?

We have a team committed to getting you started. Here are the easy steps:

  • Go to and register with the “Start Now” button, or send us an email at
  • We are here to help. One of our team members will get back to you promptly to get you registered.
  • Collect school supply lists from your teachers. Lists can be submitted by email, on paper or we can download them off your website. Whatever is easiest for you!
  • Yubbler loads your supply lists online. Parents order online with one click.

We are here to help. We look forward to working with your school community.